done or made by stealth; secret or clandestine: a surreptitious glance.





The windy knight. LOL! I just couldn’t resist. My son wanted me to draw him a dragon, and this is its companion. Every dragon needs a knight zooming through the skies.



When I read the IF prompt this week, I immediately thought of this oil painting I did a couple of years ago in November.  Once the leaves all fall off the trees, its seems the world becomes bare and  silent, waiting for the first snow to fall, even the colour is drained from the earth.  I love this in-between, waiting season.  And silence….inner silence as well as outer.  With two small children, it is even more precious…

Anna Plum Fairy

This is an illustration from a children’s Christmas story I wrote this season called Anna Plum Fairy.   It is done with acrylic and pastel, cut out and made into a 3-D tableau.  One of the phenomenon at Christmastime, is that magic it can create.  Forget the madness…go for the magic!

Racing the Wind

The Illustration Friday prompt this week was “Racing.”  How would it feel to race against the wind?  Hair all tangled and knotted, flying through the sky, leaves spinning, wind in your face.  I would feel so alive.

Racing the Wind

This is done with acrylic and pastel.  I bought a book on sale at the library this week by an illustrator I admire, Bernadette Watts and wanted to try some pastel work this week.

Forest Keys…



Most transportation these days needs some keys to get started.   When I thought of transportation, I not only thought of getting someplace else, but being Transported someplace else, through passion and enchantment.  Nothing else enchants me more than trees.  The natural world transports me to a flying, fluttering, dappled place…and here are the keys to this magical transportation…